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Introducing the leading Small Business Shipping Solution!

MyShippingPartner has been helping small business ship products for more than 10 years. Our service is so simple to use, you'll be printing USPS shipping labels for your online orders in as little as 10 minutes. What's even more exciting is there are no contracts or long term commitments required. is a simple Pay-As-You-Go system - making it perfect for small business!

Supported Shopping Carts

  • 1Shoppingcart
  • BigCommerce
  • Interspire
  • and many more...
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Here's some of the best reasons to choose our service for your total USPS Shipping Solution:

No Shipping Experience Needed

Designed by shippers to make managing orders and printing USPS shipping labels a breeze. If you can use an Internet browser, you can use our system.

100% Cloud Based

No more software to buy, download or install. Mac and PC compatible and works with Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. Automatically process your orders, print USPS shipping labels, packing lists and Track shipments from ANY computer connected to the Internet!

Batch Process & Print

Instead of printing USPS shipping labels one at a time, our system allows you print up-to 256 labels and packing lists in just a couple of clicks. This is a major time saver that will reduce countless hours and increase your profits from day one!

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Integrated Drop Shipping

Our system will not only send selected orders to Drop Shippers, it can even split orders and send each to a separate shipper (based on order contents). This could be a in-house shipper and a drop shipper, or any combination. This is a key feature if you sell both your products and products from another company.

Complete support for USPS

Domestic & International Destinations, Address Verification, Flat Rate Small, Medium & Large Box, Flat Rate Envelope, Priority, First Class, Express, & Parcel Post, Destination Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, Insurance, and Full US Customs (4 part) USPS Shipping Labels and forms

The FASTEST and Easiest

When we say the fastest - we mean the fastest. We have customers shipping more than 1100 orders per day.

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Combine Orders Automatically

If Jane places an order at 11am, then later at 2pm, our system can automatically (or with a single click) combine these two - creating a single order/shipment. This saves you time, packing and shipping costs resulting in higher profits.

What our customers say...


About a year ago, we were painstakingly entering all of our 1ShoppingCart orders into by hand. This was taking a lot of time and created one more opportunity for human data entry errors to happen. But, fortunately we found We integrated our 1ShoppingCart account with and saved my staff about two hours worth of work a day! Not only did this change save money, it also made my business much more efficient. I would highly recommend this shipping solution to anyone with 1ShoppingCart who needs USPS shipping labels printed. We also use Interspire and BigCommerce carts and will are now using with these sites. It's a great small business shipping solution!


I run a small e-commerce business by myself, which means I do everything from writing the checks to taking out the trash and everything in between. My business offers our own line of weight loss products online, which means that I also handle all of the shipping.

I use, and I did extensive research to find the best way to process my orders and came up with a shipping solution that consisted of the following steps:

  1. Open email containing "New Order"
  2. Go to and sign into "Click-N-Ship"
  3. Copy and paste individual shipping fields from email to, specify weight, and choose shipping method
  4. I would then have to repeat the process for every order
  5. After all orders were entered into, I would then print the labels
  6. I would then have to login to and print off packing slips, ONE-BY-ONE for each order that was being shipped.
  7. I would then have to match up the shipping labels with the packing slips and begin to fill the orders…

After months of using this solution I realized that it was very time consuming and costly… and I found myself in desperate need of a better fulfillment solution. That’s when I found! combines the conventional, multi step process, into one easy solution! With, all you have to do is the following:

Click "Sync Orders" in MyShippingPartner (it syncs all your new orders from your shopping cart)

Then you can click one button and it prints out all of your shipping labels w/postage and packing slips for all of your new orders!

It is so easy to use and has saved me an untold amount of time and money! You can even track the movement for every order; all the way from initial shipping to the actual delivery! is truly an incredible piece of technology that makes order fulfillment as easy as possible.