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Note: MyShippingPartner.com is often referred to as "MSP" in this FAQ.

Questions I have before I sign up with MyShippingPartner.com

How much does MyShippingPartner.com cost?

MSP is a Pay-As-You-Go service. When you sign up for MSP, we create an Endicia account for you and they will charge your account $15.95/mo. plus any postage you use. In addition, MSP will charge your account either $25/month or $0.23/label each month, depending on which is greater. Bottom line? The price is a minimum of $40.95/mo. for both your Endica and MSP accounts.

In reality, if you ship less than 100 packages a month, MSP may not be the best solution for you. However, many of our volume clients save thousands per month on man-power, reduced errors, customer support, and shipping costs. Basically, the more you ship, the more MSP will save you.

Is there a Trial Account?

Since we do not have any long-term contracts or commitments, you can try out our service by creating an account and printing a few labels. You can then close your account if you are not absolutely satisfied with the service without further obligation.

Does MyShippingPartner.com support International shipments?

Yes. We support both label versions - a single First-Class or Flat Rate Small and complete four (4) part customs forms. We also allow you to enter a custom "default" description for contents and a "default" declared value that will be applied to all International labels - automatically!

How is MyShippingPartner.com better than just using Click-N-Ship or Stamps.com?

First, MSP automatically downloads your new shopping cart orders and verifies the addresses of your customers. Second, MSP can automatically set the "correct" weight and shipping options based on the order contents. This saves you countless hours over manual methods of doing these one-by-one and even more on human errors.

As your business grows, MSP grows with you. MSP can even help distribute your order volume over several employees - making sure your shipping stays efficient no matter how much you sell. Ask any of our volume customers and they'll tell you MSP is a life saver!

Why choose MyShippingPartner.com over other similar services?

Simple answer. MSP is many times more efficient. No other service can help you ship faster, more accurately and with less effort. We guarantee this!

What if I don't like MyShippingPartner.com?

First, we hope you will tell us why so we can improve our service. But if not, you can simply close your account and ALL billing will stop immediately. Any remaining postage will be refunded to your credit card by Endicia.

Does MyShippingPartner.com support FedEx UPS, or DHL?

No. MyShippingPartner.com uses the USPS exclusively. You can export your orders directly into these other carriers if needed.

Does MyShippingPartner.com print labels with Postage included on the labels?

Yes. We use Endicia to create the postage paid label. An Endicia account is created for you when you sign up for our service. Also, the amount YOU pay for postage is not shown on the actual label.

I already have an Endicia Account. Can I use that account with MyShippingPartner.com?

No. The type of Endicia account created for MyShippingPartner.com (MSP) users is different. If you plan on shipping all your orders through MSP, you can close your old Endicia account after creating your MSP account. Any unused postage will be refunded by Endicia.

What kind of label does MyShippingPartner.com create?

By default, MSP prints two 4x6 labels per sheet. But we also support four labels per sheet and a version that prints a label on top and a packing list on the bottom of a single sheet. You can use plain paper, Avery 8126, or Avery 5168 "compatible" self-adhesive labels. We also support other label sizes including complete #10 Envelope with the postage, return and destination included.

Does MyShippingPartner.com work with DYMO or other Thermal Label Printers?

No. However, most MSP customers are happy with the two (or four) lables per sheet and find that this often works betters and costs less over the long run. More important, you can use the same printer for both Labels and Packing list. Lastly, if you have shippers in remote locations, all they need is a Laser or InkJet printer.

What kind of computer do I need to use MyShippingPartner.com?

A normal PC or Mac with a web browser. You can use IE v8+, Safari v3+ or FireFox v3.6+. You can print labels using a Laser or Ink Jet printer (laser is preferred). You can even print your packing lists in Color!

Can MyShippingPartner.com run on my iPhone, iPad or other mobile device?

Yes. You can import orders, check order status and even print labels using Air Print. You can be on vacation and check you order and field customer support concerns.